The Night I Met My Favorite Bloggers!!

On Thursday, February 7th, 2013, my dreams came true…my blog dreams, that is.  It was the day that I met my absolute favorite bloggers!


Oh yes, that’s right!  John and Sherry Petersik of Young House Love.  You see, I’ve been following their blog pretty much daily since June of 2011.  I first discovered them through Pinterest.  If I only have 5 minutes of down-time at work, it’s the first blog I check.  They are so cute, inspiring, funny, chill, extremely talented people with such a beautiful family…what’s not to love?!  They recently released a book last November, thus prompting a book tour and allowing me the opportunity to meet them.  😀

However, Atlanta wasn’t so lucky at first.  The preliminary list of book tour stops didn’t include Atlanta or anywhere nearby!  I was bummed, along with my girls at work who follow YHL, so I went ahead and purchased a signed copy from Mongrel in Richmond, so that I could be sure I’d get one juuuust in case they didn’t make it to ATL.  Fast-forward a few weeks and they announced at stop at FLOR in Atlanta for February 7th.  I immediately RSVP’d and saved the date.

Fast-forward again to Feb 7th.  I was able to get off of work early and John so graciously tagged along.  It had been cold and rainy, but thankfully the rain ended just hours before the signing began.  It was still really cold and windy and we waited in line for 2 hours, but it wasn’t too bad!  Everyone in line was so excited and chatting with each other. Picture a bunch of women and babies…

Once we arrived in front of the entrance, and I could finally see John and Sherry, my excitement about tripled.  THEN, to top it all off, I hear someone mention Katie Bower.  Now, remember we’re standing in line for the YHL signing and pretty much everyone that loves YHL also loves Bower Power Blog, so I’m thinking they’re just talking about mutual interests.  But, I’m intrigued and kinda have a feeling that she may be there, too.  After all, she does live in the ATL area.  I inch closer to the glass window and notice TWO lines inside!  Lo and behold, KB is there, too!  I then almost jumped out of my rain boots.  Remember how I said that YHL is the first blog I check every day?  Well, Bower Power is the second blog I check everyday.  If I only have enough down-time at work to check YHL, then I always check Bower Power on my lunch break.  Katie is absolutely hilarious, very crafty, and an AMAZING photographer.

I may sound a little crazy about these people that I don’t really know, but I swear everyone else in line felt exactly the same!


See my iPhone in the middle?  That is a photo of Sarah and Gillian, my girls from work that are big fans of YHL.  See the heart in Sherry’s hand?  I had them sign it so that I could have something personalized from them.


And, a shot of Katie Bower and I:


I asked her to sign my camera bag insert divider.  Constant inspiration whenever I pull my camera out. 🙂


Last, but not least, documentation of my perma-smile.  Tears of joy, I tell ya!


Oh, it was an AWESOME night!  I am sooo thankful that I was able to meet all three of my favorite bloggers.  Just thinking about it makes me so happy!


Credits for the photos from the signing go to John 🙂


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