The Botanical Gardens and a Sweet Fledgling

One of our favorite things to do on a beautiful, warm, sunny day is to grab the frisbee and hit up the park.  This handful of photos dates back to the last weekend in February, where we strolled through the greenhouse at the Botanical Gardens and tossed the disc on the lawn by the flower garden.




IMG_1535I think this next one would make a great desktop background.  Let me know if you would like a copy without the watermark!

IMG_1537Oh, you know, just doing some meditating on the lawn 😉

IMG_1570Handsome Jern,



That evening, we spotted this little guy in the parking lot of our apartment complex.  We thought that he might have been injured since he was acting a little funny and didn’t fly away when we approached him.  So, we took him to the vet school and the doctor quickly realized that he was just a fledgling, learning to fly!  We took him straight back home, and put him back in the tree that we initially found him.  Here are some photos I was able to get of him.  I was just a few inches away…


He’s a mourning dove.  Such a cutie!




3 thoughts on “The Botanical Gardens and a Sweet Fledgling

    • Thanks, Dana! Yea, all the pics on the blog were taken with the 50mm f/1.4. It’s awesome!
      Oh, and the mourning dove was so sweet! I have a video if him making the cutest little chirps, too 😀

      p.s. love the username!


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