Exotic Birds & Reptiles Show at the Botanical Gardens


On a Saturday morning in early March, Daddy, Momma, and the little ones came up to Athens to go with John and I to the Exotic Birds and Reptiles Show at the Botanical Gardens.  Roy Hodge of Exotic Paradise Atlanta showed us all kinds of different birds and reptiles and shared with us some cool facts.  He brought cockatoos, parrots, owls, lizards, snakes, turtles, alligators (or was it a crocodile…) and more.  The presentation lasted about an hour and a half.  It was sooo cool!


IMG_1645This next snake is the kind of snake you want to find in your yard.  They keep the poisonous snakes away in Australia.IMG_1655At one point, he asked for a group of volunteers to hold an anaconda!IMG_1657This guy is a crocodile…or alligator…I forget 😉IMG_1674There were some blue & gold macawas…IMG_1676

IMG_1717A cockatoo…IMG_1688And a great horned owl…IMG_1701After the show, there were some arts & crafts for the kids to do downstairs.IMG_1704They made owl puppets…  IMG_1709…colored snake masks…IMG_1707

IMG_1706…and made bird feeders with pine cones, crisco, and bird seed (though I didn’t get a photo).

Then, they got to take a few pics with the birds!IMG_1712The birds were so sweet! 🙂IMG_1720I’m so glad they were able to come up for the show.  We are definitely a family of animal lovers! 😀



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