…and we’re off!

Life is wonderful and wild and crazy and we’ve found ourselves in Portland, Oregon!  I have hundreds of photos to sort through from the road trip over, so I’ll try to get them posted over the next few blog posts.  Anywho, away we go!  The following are from before we left (spending time with family and friends) and our drive from GA to TN.  Nanny and Earle were so kind to let us visit for a couple of days in the beautiful Tennessee countryside.

IMG_3758 IMG_3760 ahsa and girls2 IMG_3785 IMG_3764 IMG_3767 IMG_3808 IMG_3809 IMG_3823 IMG_3829 IMG_3843 IMG_3849 IMG_3850 IMG_3855 IMG_3859 IMG_3862 IMG_3863 IMG_3865 IMG_3867 IMG_3869 IMG_3872 IMG_3875 IMG_3879 IMG_3912 IMG_3897 IMG_3914

Oh, the country is so peaceful, quiet, and full of fresh, clean air!

Up next, Lawrence, KS!



6 thoughts on “…and we’re off!

  1. Ahs,
    Really beautiful photos, and they tell great stories. You should consider photography as a side job when you get settled if you really enjoy. Your shots speak volumes without using words.


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