Lawrence, KS

Lawrence, Kansas is like Athens in the mid-west, without the emphasis on drinking and football.  It’s cool, artsy, hippy, family-friendly, clean and safe.  It’s like this oasis of progressive minds in the middle of farmland.  Our friends, Greg and Nicole, live here…which happened to be right along our road trip.  We spent the weekend with them and stumbled upon the Lawrence Busker Festival!  None of us knew the festival was going on so after the third or fourth street performer, we figured something was up.

We got in earlier than expected, so John played his guitar in the shade until Greg arrived.  The houses are so cute and their mailmen deliver mail on foot, right to your front door!  As in, there are no mailboxes on the side of the road!  There were kids laughing and playing on their way home from school.  It was the cutest neighborhood!

Photo credits to John for these next two photos of the church.




This next performer is Cate the Great.  She is an acrobatic juggler and did a very impressive hand stand!




There were several magicians and the girls on the right would freeze into position, only to adjust when someone offered a donation into their hat.

Magician and mimes


Apparently this sax player is a regular in downtown Lawrence.  He was very talented and appeared to be really enjoying it.  I was also happy to see the yarn bomb on the tree on the right.

Sax and Yarnbomb

This is the Alferd Packer Band.  They had me at their first song about Gregor Mendel and his peas (I do have my degree in biology, btw).  They also sang a catchy song called, “Pi”.  I quite liked them!


This gentleman on the right would also hold poses…he wouldn’t even blink!  Kids were having fun putting props on him.

Girl and Mime

This is Tyler Gregory.  He is well-known in Lawrence and has a raw, yet warm, bluegrass sound.  It was so cute seeing the little girls dance around him.

Tyler Gregory


Later in the night, the guys brought their guitars out and played on a bench.


While out walking the next day, we found an outdoor piano, just asking John to play it!

(Click here to watch it larger)

We also stumbled upon the farmers’ market and got a few local peaches!


Adventure Time shout-out!


This kitty was found napping in a record store in downtown.  It was SO cute!



Many thanks to Greg and Nicole for letting us crash and showing us around town.  We had an awesome time!



4 thoughts on “Lawrence, KS

  1. Where to start! Your photography is wonderful. I love seeing you and John as you journey across the U.S. The cat sleeping in the record store was priceless! And you know I loved hearing John play the piano. Thank you for sharing your adventure. My love, thoughts and prayers are with you both.


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