Graham Oaks Golden Birthday

On October 27th, I celebrated my golden birthday!  John had to work that day, so I decided to treat myself to a solo walk in nature.  I planned on hiking Powell Butte, but when I woke up that Sunday morning, it was gray, cold, rainy, and windy.  😦  I was still happy regardless because it was my birthday, but I didn’t feel like driving that far in the rain.  So, I decided to find somewhere closer to explore (I was still determined to spend time out in nature!)  I remembered hearing about Graham Oaks Nature Park and decided to check it out.  I enjoyed the morning inside, skyped with Silv and then, around 2pm, I saw the sun had emerged so I rushed to get out of the door A.S.A.P. in order to enjoy it.  Here are some photos from my golden birthday at Graham Oaks.

This park is very green!  Check out the green roof above the picnic shelter!  It keeps the water clean, improves air quality, and provides a habitat for birds and butterflies.


And look at this giant acorn statue!  It weighs 6,000lbs and was designed by local artist, Mauricio Saldana.acorn and moss

This visit, I took the Tonquin Trail (from the Gateway Trailhead) -> Legacy Creek Trail -> Coyote Way -> Oak Woodland Walk -> Tonquin Trail.IMG_5127Leaves as big as my feet, I tell ya!IMG_5139 IMG_5153My absolute favorite thing about the Pacific Northwest is the moss on the trees. IMG_5154IMG_5162 IMG_5169I wasn’t kidding about the moss on the trees…it’s everywhere!IMG_5172IMG_5195 IMG_5211 IMG_5214IMG_5223IMG_5256 IMG_5266So, funny story, I mistook this slug for cat poop!  Once I got closer, I saw it moving and realized it was alive…IMG_5275 IMG_5287I love this tree.  And apparently, oak trees form this mushroom-like shape when their branches don’t have to compete for sunlight with neighboring trees.IMG_529927 is my lucky number so I’m hoping this will be my lucky year!  Here’s to many, many more!



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