Explore OR: Angel’s Rest Trail

I edited these photos awhile back but have been waiting to upload them, since I’m in the middle of rebranding my site (big news coming soon!), but a recent email from my dad that said, “AHSAMON, what happened to your website?!” encouraged me to share this little update.  😉 These photos were taken on my only day off in February (thank you, President’s Day!).  With one day off per month, I found myself so appreciative of time off from work and determined to make the most of it!  We love to go hiking, so I Googled some easy, notable hikes around the Portland area and found Angel’s Rest Trail.  It was an easy, 45min drive from our apartment and boasts 270 degree views at the summit!  It was AMAZING and I cannot wait to go back!

4.6 total miles was a perfect warmup hike for the season since we hadn’t been hiking in quite awhile.  The air was crisp, the light was bright, and the earth was squishy!

AandJ1Along many parts of the trail, one side will literally just drop off like this…

IMG_5376Do you see the puppy dog face in this mossy tree branch? 🙂IMG_5397There were two sweet waterfalls along the trail which allowed me to experiment with shutter speed.IMG_5407John balancing amongst what resembled an old, elven tree entrance.IMG_5420Mount St. Helens…maybe??IMG_5427Approaching the golden hour, almost to the summit.  We stopped to eat our packed lunch around here…on a couple of rocks on the edge of a cliff!  Huzzah!IMG_5444It was breathtaking!

IMG_5448I enjoy striking yoga poses whilst in nature…and crocheting cute ear flap hats with pom poms.

IMG_5457Enjoying the sunset.  We didn’t have flashlights on us, so we needed to get down the mountain before the sun set.  So, we didn’t make it to the actual tip-top summit.  Next time!  Also, I love this picture because John is wearing a vintage Cowboys jacket and his pants look like bell-bottoms — very 70’s!


IMG_5471The sky turned a colorful cotton candy color while we walked down.IMG_5473

The weather is warming up here in Oregon, so I can’t wait till our next adventure!  Weatherman’s calling for some 80 degree days next week…uh oh!  Beach camping is on my “14 for 2014” list, so hopefully we can make that happen soon.

Stay tuned for big, exciting news happenin’ around these parts this summer…



3 thoughts on “Explore OR: Angel’s Rest Trail

  1. WOW!!! Beautiful photographs! The one where you ate lunch is amazing! I also enjoyed seeing both of your smiling faces. Love you!


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